Selectical is a privately held company, strategically located in Israel, operating globally as a security solutions provider to the private and public sectors. Our team offers a substantial track record of over 30 years of expertise in security, human resources and organizational physiology.

We believe that the current Cyber-Security challenges which all organizations are facing require an interdisciplinary approach addressing the entire ecosystem: technology artifacts as well as human resources, including management, employees, customers and partners. The solutions must consider factors such as sectorial requirements, social behavior, current security culture, organizational and commercial processes, policies and enabling technologies.

Selectical's special make-up and arrangement created our unique approach to the organizational cyber-security challenges. Through an objective and open dialog with our respective partners in the organization, we devise the most pragmatic and cost effective way to address these challenges and work with staff and management in a common effort to implement the optimal cost-effective solution.

ROI focused Cyber Security

Selectical specializes in cyber defense and intelligence. We deliver scalable, cost-effective, tailored solutions that meet both operational needs and the budget requirements at all scales.
We offer: Risk assessment methodology combining best common practices with unique statistical models. These models are based on measuring multiple IT and Human factors enabling to identify each asset’s proportional risk. Leverage strategic intelligence including probable threats to your business and industry, high-value assets and typical network and system vulnerabilities, Penetration testing (on and off-site), Protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attacks, Forensics and response team, Business Continuance Strategy, Training, Qualifications and Implementations of Cyber Policies

Human security

Our ‘Human Sense’ solution is heavily focused on the most unanticipated factor when it comes to insider threats - the human factor and its critical impact - empowering the security risk assessment model of an organization. Our approach to human behavior risk scoring, empower a pro-security corporate culture, keeps the good employees safe and support the organization to become more productive in stopping insider threats on time.
We offer: Job-based risk grouping & corresponding prevention measures, adding risk indications though existing and new HR processes along the entire employment life cycle, developing company-specific risk indicators and well prioritized set of risk scenarios, incident action plan framework, easy to use security policy and a dynamic, risk based security awareness program.

Advanced User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Our UBA platform integrates security solutions detects suspicious and abnormal behavior from wide-sources at the human side. The platform is an automatic real-time digital component which functions as an integral and complementary part of our enterprise security suite.
We offer: Application agnostic and easily integrates elite security suite which analyzes real-time and historic user behavior to identify and prioritize the highest-risk user access and activities associated with applications, devices, and services on your network. The system is based on advanced machine learning and big data analytics to create a solution that provides rapid detection and response to malicious user behavior.

Strong Partner Relationships

Based on mutual and beneficial long term relationships in homeland security, intelligence and cyber markets.

Hands-on delivery

Successful track record in management and delivery of large scale security and intelligence projects.

Cost effective innovation

Situated at the heart of the cyber security innovation community, we can easily identify and deploy the right technology, on or off the shelf and for the right price.


We can ramp up the needed skills and set the best teams for each job according to the expected timelines.


Our unique combined experience allows us to dive fast into new challenges and bring a fast outcome with minimal effort.

Local Presents

Our global experience, interdisciplinary expertise and physical on-site presence allows us to better understand our customer’s needs at all aspects (cultural, linguistic, behavioral etc.).


Address: 8 Hamenofim St.

Herzlia, 4672559


Phone: +972+54-2666759

Email: info@selectical.com